Using Biodiesel as a means to recycle oil

On the 20th of May, 2016, 45 students and two teachers visited the UVG biodiesel production plant at UVG. These students and teachers, from "Colegio la Preparatoria", collected previously used oil from their homes and from their school transforming it into biodiesel. Teachers received didactic information before participating into the event, and upon students arrival to UVG, had opportunity to apply chemical engineering concepts to the production of biodiesel.

Olin College of Engineering, Needham Mass: Summer Institute 2016 "Meeting the needs of the 21st Century: Designing for Student Engagement"

The director of the department of Mechanical Engineering participated in a teacher training workshop in Olin College of Engineering. The workshop was based on STEM education focusing specifically on designing for student engagement. Upon return, the course was replicated at UVG with Central Campus professors.

Potencia-T Teens

Adolescents 13 to 15 years old from several schools in Guatemala City attended UVG to participate in workshops bringing them closer to science and technology in fun and creative ways. The workshops were based on optics, programing, and molecular cooking.


Food Science for One Day

Youngsters 16 to 18 years old participated in food science experiments at UVG, introducing the Food Science major to these students. The activity was organized by the Food Science Department.


STEM Literacy Workshop for school teachers (UVG-Eduteka Colombia)

Juan Carlos López is the Colombian expert and creator of the educational portal EDUTEKA (, and shared tools and ideas with teachers and directors of schools in Guatemala City. The objective of the workshop was effective STEM teaching.


Biochemistry Workshops for school students

The department of Biochemistry at UVG collaborated with the Outreach Team inviting students from different schools in Guatemala City to participate in scientific workshops. Workshops introduced biochemistry concepts, and biochemistry as a science and a profession.


Scratch Day UVG 2016

UVG observed Scratch Day celebrating Information and Communication Technologies using a platform developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Children from 7 to 11 years old participated in this program, promoting programming from an early age.


STEM Workshop with school teachers

Dr. Jeffrey Kasnter, from the University of Cincinnati, lead a workshop about challenge-based learning involving several teachers from various schools in Guatemala City. The teachers learned by solving challenges presented by Dr. Kastner.


Potencia-T Girls

More than 80 girls 12 to15 years old visited UVG to participate in scientific workshops that combined fun and learning. Students experimented with: Squishy Circuits, Strawbees, and Nutrition Science Engineering among others.


Visit to Panajachel International School (PIS), Panajachel, Sololá, Guatemala

The Outreach Team, along with professors and students from the University of Cincinnati, visited the Panajachel International School to exchange ideas and experiences with youngsters from this school. The goal was to promote STEM education in this community.


STE(A)M Think Tank

Together with the UVG-Institute of Research the Outreach Office held a STE(A)M think tank wherein educators and researchers gathered to discuss STE(A)M education. Strategies to promote STE(A)M education and innovation were defined in the context of UVG and partnering institutions.