Scientific publication in Learning Disabilities

Pablo Barrientos is the director of the department of psychology at UVG. As part of his doctoral thesis he continually works to promote local research in psychology. His research has recently been published in the Journal of Learning Disabilities. Academic research published in peer-reviewed journals emulates United States practices and models the high standards by which professors work at UVG.


Robot path

Girls in ICT

UVG collaborated in the Girls in ICT event organized by the National Telecommunications Superintendence in an all-girls orphanage. A workshop with the NAO robot and home maid circuits inspired 60 teenage girls to learn more about STEM careers.



Students who have demonstrated innovative excellence in STEM were highlighted at the USAID-ASHA conference in Washington DC through the following video.


Robot "NAO" highlighted in on-line newspaper

NAO continues to touch the lives of students at UVG and in the highschools that work in collaboration with UVG. It was recently featured in an on-line magazine.


Potencia-T Graduandos: Conversations with UVG-STEM alumni

UVG hosted an event where high school students could talk with different types of STEM professionals. With the help of 20 UVG alumni from our Schools of Sciences and Engineering, teenage girls and boys were able to talk with STEM role models and have a better idea of what careers to pursue.


Physics class showcases new equipment

The physics department was the recipient of STEM equipment. This equipment was purchased thanks to the support of the American people. The video is just one example of classroom activities carried out as a part of the UVG-STEM program.


UVG- STEM Festival

UVG hosted an event opening the university doors to high school students and their parents showcasing ASHA-purchased equipment. Potential students were given the opportunity to explore different majors showcased through activities utilizing the STEM-UVG program.


Read Around the Planet

Five school groups participated in the event “Read Around the Planet” using the videoconferencing equipment purchased with ASHA funds. This activity brings US classrooms with students from around the world to celebrate and motivate reading.


Scientists saving lives workshop for high school students

A group of 21 high school students participated in a Biochemistry and Biology workshop that consisted in showing how scientists can save lives with their research work in labs.


STEM-UVG classroom activities showcasing ASHA purchased equipment

Professors designed and carried out several STEM activities, using four approaches to find solutions to real-life problems: 1. Problem-based learning, 2. Engineering-design processes, 3. Inquiry-based learning, and 4. Computational thinking. .