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Chemistry class at UVG

First year second semester students in “Chemistry” used ASHA purchased advanced sensory kits to calculate solubility products of calcium carbonate and other solubility experiments

Life-science class at UVG

First year, second semester students enrolled in “Life Sciences” had the opportunity to participate in new STEM based laboratory projects. ASHA purchased gel documentation system was utilized.


The “Bioferia” is an annual event where first year students solve biology-based problems and present them at the end-of-the-year Bio-Fair as poster presentations. Projects utilized STEM methodology. Some examples follow:

1. Biofair: Bacterial growth under the force of gravity

Does bacterial growth change as the force of gravity changes? Students worked collaboratively with science, math and engineering professors to create the necessary tools to carry out this experiment. The ASHA purchased spectrometer was used to define the concentration of bacteria cultured at varying gravities. Conclusions from this project will be the basis for future student based research projects and are important given increased worldwide antibiotic resistance combined with increased space travel.

2. Biofair: Firefly light emission

What is the wavelength at which one species of Guatemalan fireflies emit light? The wavelength at which fireflies emit light changes based on species. In this project, students identified species of fireflies, unique to Guatemala, and measured their bioluminescence using ASHA purchased spectrometer.

Potencia-T Docentes - STEM Workshops

Activity that consisted of a series of workshops for middle and high school teachers about STEM subjects.

Bio-Diesel Workshop - Class Field Trip

Senior high school students from the American School visited the Chemical Engineering Lab and learned about the process for developing Bio-Diesel.