First STEM-UVG student activities

Physics and chemistry students from the University del valle central-campus participated in a multidisciplinary STEM activity using technology to investigate phase-changes of natural substances on the 28th and 30th of April this year.


April UVG Virtual meetings with heads of departments from South campus and Highlands campus

On April 23rd  the dean of external campuses and the PMO for the USAID-ASHA project presented STEM science activities to the University del Valle South Campus and Highlands Campus in the virtual auditorium. This was the first of many steps in STEM-UVG collaboration between campuses.

Girls in ICT Celebration

On Thursday April 23 UVG participated for the second time in Girls in ICT Day. This day is celebrated worldwide and it is aimed at girls to raise in them a greater closeness to Computer Sciences and show them the enormous academic and job opportunities they offer for their future. During the morning public school girls visited UVG’s stand where they learned about the future of technology. In the afternoon 40 girls from different private schools learned the basics of computer programming with the help of TechRocket


Absorption tower

STEM-UVG excelled in the departments of physics, and chemical engineering in April 2015, carrying out a carbonization experiment. The objectives of this activity were to: Use the production of carbonated water as a means for applying knowledge of fluid mechanics, kinetics and thermodynamics. Work as multidisciplinary teams, and Promote teamwork between academic departments Understand the integration of basic sciences and their application in industrial processes


Read Around the Planet 2015

“Read Around the Planet” is a celebration of NEA's “Read Across America”. Classrooms use interactive videoconferencing to connect with other classrooms and celebrate reading. The activity is sponsored by TWICE and Polycom. The connections that took place at UVG used the new Polycom videoconferencing system bought with the ASHA-USAID grant.  Three schools participated in the event.